Gardens and Baking Unite

Gardens and Baking Unite

Gardens and Baking Unite

The soil is turned and warming up for planting. Those soft spring rains may bring tulips and daffodils, but it shouldn’t surprise you our thoughts turn to what we can BAKE with all that’s sprouting— both in the garden and the store.  The top three coming to mind include


asparagus recipes

Wrap fresh grilled or roasted asparagus along with other delicious options in a Fresh Flat Bread, you can even grill the flat bread!

View more, Portable Kitchen video Making Flatbreads


As the spinach sprouts, it’s Quiche I’m thinking of—the easier the better. The “miracle crust” that sorts itself out while baking — (the crust ingredients are mixed then combined with the egg, spinach and cheese mixture)–gifts us all with more Spring time for gardening, biking or just a fresh air walk. Try this miraculous quiche!

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